RF Industries RFA-4013 DIN Adapter Kit

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The RF Industries RFA-4013 DIN Adapter Kit is compatible with 7-6 DIN and N-type interfaces. This kit consists of 6 individual adapters (see features). The adapters in the RF Industries RFA-4013 kit are silver-plated and machined brass with PTFE dielectrics. They feature low passive intermodulation, low VSWR, and die-cut foam. The case is compact zippered leatherette with each adapter fitted to prevent shifting.

The RF Industries RFA-4013 DIN Adapter Kit is recommended for use with PIM Testing Equipment and Cable & Antenna Analyzers. PIM testing is used to discover sources of PIM signals, which interfere with RF signal transmission and can affect cellular network performance. Cable and antenna analyzers offer installation and maintenance assistance for wireless service providers, contractors, and service industries.