Rohde & Schwarz CIT Mobile Installation Tester

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Rohde & Schwarz CIT Mobile Installation Tester
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Rohde & Schwarz CIT Mobile Installation Tester Rohde & Schwarz CIT Mobile Installation Tester
Rohde & Schwarz CIT
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CIT Datasheet

The Rohde & Schwarz Mobile Installation Tester CIT is a SWR and power meter combined with a multimeter specially designed for pulsed current and power bursts. All measurement functions and features are designed for the everyday maintenance environment.

The rugged unit is dust-tight and splash-proof. The rubber encasement is shock-absorbing. The CIT is protected against static discharge and tested to the latest CE European standard.

The CIT is designed to be used by car mechanics, who will be able to handle this compact tester in practically no time. Connection and operation are foolproof. Tests are carried out at the press of a button. The results are easy to read on the combined analog and digital display.
Rohde & Schwarz CIT Specs
Frequency Range 100 to 1000 MHz
Power Measurement Range: 13 dBm to 43 dBm (20 mW to 20 W)
Readout: dBm, W or power stage
Resolution: 0.1 dB (20 to 47 dBm); 0.3 dB (13 to 20 dBm)
SWR Measurement Range: 1.0 to 10
Resolution: 0.1
DC Current Measurement Range 0 to 10 A (resolution 10 mA)
DC Voltage Measurement Range 0 to 30 V (resolution 10 mV)
Continuity Tester HI / LOW and beeper, threshold 2 ohms
F Connector N female
Power Supply 4 round cells or chargeable batteries (AA)
DC / AF connector Banana jacks, sub-D connector for DC / AF Adapter CIT-Z