Rohde & Schwarz ESPI7 EMI Test Receiver, 9 kHz - 7 GHz

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Rent, lease, or rent to own Rohde & Schwarz ESPI7 EMI Test Receiver, 9 kHz - 7 GHz
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Rohde & Schwarz ESPI7
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ESPI7 Datasheet
The Rohde & Schwarz ESPI7 EMI Test Receiver, 9 kHz - 7 GHz is especially designed to meet all EMC testing demands during product development and for EMC precertification in the frequency range from 9 kHz to 7 GHz. Equipped with the R&S ESPI-B2 preselector/preamplifier option, the R&S ESPI7 features an excellent dynamic range and are therefore able to perform precise interference measurements for pulse repetition frequencies ≥ 10 Hz in line with CISPR 16-1-1. With the R&S ESPI-K50 option it can also be used for measurement of the coverage field strength of communications or broadcast networks at very high measurement rates.
Rohde & Schwarz ESPI7 Features
  • Combination of precertification EMI test receiver and high-quality spectrum analyzer
  • Integrated preselection with selectable 20 dB preamplifier (R&S ESPI-B2 option)
  • Weighting detectors in line with the latest version of CISPR 16-1-1 incl. CISPR-Average and RMS-Average
  • Evaluation of field strength profiles at very high measurement rates (R&S ESPI-K50 option)
  • Fast and reliable measurements using automatic and interactive test routines
  • Predefined transducer factors
  • Library of limit lines for commercial standards
  • Additional channel filters with various bandwidths between 5.6 MHz and 8 MHz matching terrestrial DVB networks like DVB-T/T2 (R&S ESPI-K50 option)