Rohde & Schwarz EVS300 ILS / VOR / Beacon Analyzer

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Rent, lease, or rent to own Rohde & Schwarz EVS300 ILS / VOR / Beacon Analyzer
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Rohde & Schwarz EVS300
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EVS300 Datasheet
The Rohde & Schwarz EVS300 ILS / VOR / Beacon Analyzer is a portable level and modulation analyzer designed especially for starting up, checking and maintaining ILS, VOR and marker beacon systems. The integrated rechargeable battery and robust design make it the ideal choice for mobile, mains-independent measurements in the field. Due to the high measurement speed and the trigger/synchronization functions, the R&S EVS300 is also tailor-made for deployment with flight inspection systems.
Rohde & Schwarz EVS300 Features
  • Extremely fast (100 measurements per second)
  • Synchronization via GPS, trigger and remote interfaces
  • Digital separation of course and clearance signals using only one signal processing channel (R&S EVS-K3 option)
  • Expandable to support a second signal processing channel for simultaneous localizer and glideslope measurements (R&S EVS-B1 option)
  • Support for R&S NRP and R&S NRT power sensors (R&S EVS-K5 option)
  • Measurement of GBAS installations
    (R&S EVS-K9 option)