SOCTESTER SOC140 Battery Analyzer

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The SOCTESTER SOC140 Battery Analyzer is developed as a fast and accurate field test battery analyzer with the capability of determining the ability of sealed lead-acid batteries to perform for specific periods of time. The measurement developed by the SOC140 battery analyzer determines the "True-State-of-Charge" (TSOC), by examining the battery's internal profile characteristics. The SOCTESTER SOC140 Battery Analyzer has simplified the process of testing VRLA, AGM, Gel Cell and all other lead acid battery types, with a fast and accurate testing solution that allows for on the spot and in-the-field decision making instead of waiting for office analysis. With the SOCTESTER SOC140 users can expect to eliminate the two critical factors that result in 98% of all battery backup system failures (faulty batteries and operator error) with a fast, easy-to-use battery tester with exclusive industry leading accuracy.