Spectral Dynamics (Dunegan/Endevco) 4511M PIND System

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Spectral Dynamics (Dunegan/Endevco) 4511M Particle Impact Noise Detector System is the most advanced PIND system available today. Combining sensors that monitor and display the shaker motion with feedback control to correct for any changes in test conditions, the 4511M PIND test system generates accurate and repeatable test conditions. Its ultra-sensitive, ultrasonic (155 kHz) sensor can detect particles as small as one mil in diameter impacting the package cavity. The microprocessor technology not only controls the motion but also allows the user to program over twenty steps at the precise “g” level to simulate the whole range of testing requirements. The operator simply enters the desired amplitude of shock or the amplitude duration and either vibration frequency or cavity height. The system then calculates the appropriate frequency and generates the proper shaker motion — automatically.