Sumitomo Quantum Type QH201e-VS Handheld Fusion Splicer

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The Sumitomo Quantum Type QH201e-VS Handheld Fusion Splicer is a portable FTTx fusion splicing unit with a quick splice time of 12 seconds and a heater cycle time of 30 seconds per heater. Sumitomo Quantum Type QH201e-VS devices specialize in precision cable fiber splicing, leaving a nearly imperceptible footprint on spliced cables. Fixed V-Groove alignment is integrated into the RoHS compliant system, which features a sleeve length of 10 mm and is capable of testing cables with a coating diameter of 250µm, 500µm and 900µm. The high-resolution display is optimized for user accessibility, its sleek touchscreen interface ideal for remote maintenance and software updates. Sumitomo Quantum Type QH201e-VS instruments come with a Li-ion battery technology and an easy-to-use fiber holder system.