Teseq INA 265B Attenuator

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INA 265B is part of the calibration set CAS 3025 consisting of a second attenuator (INA 266A) plus an RG58 BNC cable which have been specially designed for periodic verification of the specifications of burst/EFT generators in accordance with IEN/EC 61000-4-4:2004. The attenuator is rated for up to 8.0 kV burst/EFT pulses and so can be used to verify almost all brands of burst/EFT generators.

The standard specifies the measurement of burst/EFT pulses with load impedances of 50 ohms and 1000 ohms. INA 265B is the 50 ohms load impedance with an attenuation of 60 dB. INA 266A has an input impedance of 1000 ohms and an attenuation of 66 dB. Both attenuators have been designed so that they can be connected directly to the pulse output of the burst/EFT generator. The voltage ratio has been set in such a way that most types of oscilloscope available on the market can be connected directly to the output of the attenuators.