Teseq NSG 3040A Multifunction Generator, 4.8 kV

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The Teseq NSG 3040A Multifunction Generator is a 4.8 kV conducted immunity test solution designed for CE applications. Teseq NSG 3040A transient immunity generators test surge voltage to 4.8 kV, EFT/Burst to 4.8 kV / 1 MHz and PQT to 16 A / 300 VAC & DC. The Teseq NSG 3040A simulates electromagnetic interference effects for immunity testing in conformity with international, national and manufacturers’ standards including the latest IEC/EN standards. The NSG 3040A system is designed to fulfill conducted EMC test requirements for CE mark testing, which generally include combination wave surge, Electrical Fast Transient (EFT) pulses and Power Quality Testing (PQT). Extensive expansion capabilities enable the system to be configured for a much broader range of applications.