Thermo Keytek 587+ w/ S3/S21 plug-ins Surge Generator

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This product has been discontinued.

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The Keytek 587 Plus includes front-panel switching for surge polarity and test waveform, digital display of peak delivered open-circuit surge voltage and remote control feature. Also includes a line coupler-fitter for surging powered equipment, front-panel switching for normal mode/common mode selection and 4-wire output monitoring for oscilloscope display of delivered surge waves.

Includes PLUS plug-in, modular surge network construction to permit use of different surge networks. Allows surge testing not only to IEEE 587 and IEC 664 but also to CCITT and UL1449 surge specifications and to other standards as they are developed. The Model 587-Plus ® offers the best of both worlds: economy, plus the broad versatility that results from modular design and construction.

Rotary switch selection of the Bi-Wave (the 1.2x50 open-circuit, 8x20 short-circuit wave of ANSI C62 .41 category B) plus rotary switch selection of the two CCITT waves (10x700, 100x700), plus an additional, 0.5x700 wave. Rotary switch selection of output damping resistor: 0, 2.5, 25 ohms.