Thermo Keytek E420 EFT Burst Simulator Unidirectional Impulse Wave

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Rent Thermo Keytek E420 EFT/Burst Simulator Unidirectional Impulse Wave
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Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Keytek E420
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Thermo Keytek E420 Datasheet
EFT Burst Simulator
Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Keytek E420 Specs
Standards Met or Exceeded IEC 1000-4-4 (IEC 801-4); ANSI/IEEE C62.41
Wave Unidirectional Impulse
Character 5 ns / 50ns
Individual or Burst Burst
Amplitude ± 0.25 to ± 8 kV
Output Z0 50 ohms
Wave Repetition Frequency Selectable to 10 kHz to 4.4 kV; 2.5 kHz to 8 kV
Random & Chirp Modes
Burst Duration 1 ms to 20 ms
Burst Repetition Period: 0.3 s to 5 s Synch with Power Line
Adjustable Line Phasing
Internal Coupler/Decoupler
Fiber-optic RS-232 Control