Tinius Olsen 12000A Materials Testing Machine

Tinius Olsen 12000A Materials Testing Machine
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Tinius Olsen 12000A
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12000A Datasheet
The 12000A Materials Testing Machine is designed to test a wide spectrum of materials including: metals, composites, plastics, rubber, textiles, wire, timber, adhesives, finished components, etc., in tension, compression, flexure or shear.
Tinius Olsen 12000A Specs
Capacity Range 600 lbs / 1,200 lbs / 3,000 lbs / 12,000 lbs
Max. Joghead Travel 40 inches in compression mode / 30 inches in tension mode
Gripping Thickness 5/8 inch
Testing Speed Range Adjustable rate of 0 to 20 inches per minute
Clearance Between Columns 15 inches