Tinius Olsen MP1200M Manual Melt Flow Tester

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Rent Tinius Olsen MP1200M Manual Melt Flow Tester
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Tinius Olsen MP1200M
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MP1200M Datasheet
The manual version of the MP1200 microprocessor based melt indexer and in its basic configuration, as seen here, is able to perform gravimetric melt index determinations and is compliant with the requirements of Procedure A of ASTM D1238. In this context, the phrase "manual" refers to the application of the relevant weights to start the melt flow test and requires the operator to load the weight onto the piston in the furnace; an optional encoder can be fitted to the MP1200 that follows the travel of the weights as the molten polymer is extruded through the die in the furnace, so allowing a Procedure B of ASTM D1238 test - even in the case, the weight(s) must be manually loaded onto the piston.
Tinius Olsen MP1200M Features
  • Three-zone band heater
  • Touch-screen control
  • Quick die release
  • Powerful data analysis and control software
  • USB connectivity
  • Tapered weight design