Tinius Olsen Video Extensometer

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Tinius Olsen Video Extensometer
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Video Extensometer Datasheet
Tinius Olsen's Video Extensometer uses a high resolution monochrome camera, advanced high speed image processing, and cool lighting such that the point to point real-time video processing technology is capable of achieving, and exceeding, ASTM E83 Class B1 and ISO 9513 Class 0.5 accuracy. With continuous measurement through tensile break or compressive rupture, this Video Extensometer is perfect for the precise, non-contact measurement of specimen strain.
Tinius Olsen Video Extensometer Features
  • Non contacting strain measurement
  • High resolution with better than 1/100,000 of lens FOV
  • High accuracy of 0.5% - compliant with ISO 9153 grade 0.5 and ASTM E83 Class B1
  • Simple, fast, specimen preparation
  • Compact, cool, specimen lighting included
  • "Letter box" test specimen for memory conservation
  • Capable of tracking multiple longitudinal and transverse gauge lengths
  • Supports "remote" witness testing real time