TTC T-BERD 310 Communications Analyzer

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The Acterna T-BERD 310 Communications Analyzer - the industry’s landmark for optical test equipment - stands alone in its legacy of providing reliable, high-quality test results in the central office, mobile telephone switching office, laboratory, and manufacturing plant. Approved by more service providers than any other SONET tester, this all-in-one optical test instrument is the model of flexibility, testing power, and accuracy.

The T-BERD 310 can be ordered with all testing options: ATM, SONET, DS3, DS1/DS0 or it can be configured to meet specific network testing requirements. Then, as technology and networks change, T-BERD 310 customers can quickly upgrade their test instrument by ordering additional functionality that meets new test requirements. In addition, these options can by installed in the field without affecting any of the T-BERD 310’s existing features. For example, if a customer uses the T-BERD 310 to verify DS3 circuits now, ATM, SONET, ORL, and DS1/DS0 test options can be added as needed, protecting past, present, and future investment.