Vision Engineering Lynx

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Vision Engineering Lynx Stereo Dynascopic Microscope
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Vision Lynx
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Eyepieceless 7x-40x Stereo Dynascope
Vision Lynx Features
  • Superb resolution and contrast
  • Increased head and body freedom
  • Freedom to wear glasses and contact lenses
  • Easy hand/eye coordination resulting in greater speed, throughput, accuracy and reduced scrap rates
Vision Lynx Specs
  • Field Angle: 26.4"
  • Radial Head Freedom: 10mm
  • Axial Head Freedom: 70mm


Zoom Magnification:
  • Zoom Magnification: 7 - 40X multiplied by combinations of objective lenses and multipliers, maximum: 160X
  • Zoom Ratio: 5.7:1
  • Secondary Multipliers: 1.5X, 2.0X


  • Head: 7.5 lbs. (3.4 kg)


Options, Illumination & Accessories:

There are a several different stand and illumination options, as well as many accessories available for the Vision Engineering Lynx.  Please contact us for information.


Optical information:
Object Lens Part # Lens Magnification Zoom Range With 1.5X Multipliers With 2X Multipliers Working Distance Field of View at Max Zoom Field of View at Min Zoom
C-050 X0.3 X2.1-X12 X3.2-X18 X4.2-X24 312mm 12mm 77mm
C-055 X0.5 X3.5-X20 X5.3-X30 X7.0-X40 175mm 7mm 46mm
C-051 X0.7 X4.9-X28 X7.4-X42 X9.8-X56 127mm 5mm 33mm
C-052 X1.0 X7.0-X40 X10.5-X60 X14-X80 85mm 3.5mm 24mm
C-053 X1.5 X10.5-X60 X15.8-X90 X21-X120 45mm 2.5mm 16mm
C-054 X2.0 X14-X80 X21-X120 X28-X160 25mm 1.75mm 12mm
Vision Lynx Applications
  • Inspection
  • Manipulation
  • Assembly
  • Dissection
  • Soldering
  • Polishing
  • Finishing
  • Measurement and recording