Vision Engineering Mantis 3D Visual Inspection Microscope

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Rent Vision Engineering Mantis 3D Visual Inspection Microscope
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Vision Mantis
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Mantis Datasheet
Mantis Compact is a low magnification visual inspection microscope, providing truly superb 3D imaging with unparalleled freedom of head movement. Featuring Vision Engineering's patented eyepieceless technology, Mantis Compact is the low magnification stereo viewer of choice for a wide range of inspection, manipulation or rework tasks requiring magnification.
Vision Mantis Features
  • Superb stereo imaging, without fatigue
  • Advances in optical design allow your eyes and hands to work together resulting in increased output, accuracy and reduced scrap and rework.
  • 2x, 4x, 6x and 8x magnification options provide clear, sharp images with long working distances and large depth of field.