Voltech CT1000 Clamp-On Current Transformer

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The Voltech CT1000 is a toroidally wound AC current transformer that extends the range of Voltech power analyzers such as the PM100, PM300 or PM3000A to 1200A rms. Close- tolerance current ratios provide a measurement accuracy of better than 0.2%, making the CT1000 suitable for precision-grade measurements.

The CT1000 is housed in a fully insulated, shock-resistant casing with a core aperture that accommodates large-diameter cables or rectangular busbars. To minimize the risk of electrical shock, the CT1000 has 4mm safety sockets for the leads connecting it to the power analyzer. In addition, a novel over-voltage protection circuit limits the voltage on the output terminals to 50V peak, if the transformer’s secondary winding is inadvertently open-circuited.