Yokogawa PZ4000-M1 100 KW Power Analyzer

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Yokogawa PZ4000-M1 100 KW Power Analyzer
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Yokogawa PZ4000
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PZ4000 Datasheet
This powerful Yokogawa PZ4000 Power Analyzer was designed to help R&D to create a new generation of environmentally friendly products and technologies. It has been developed and produced in our ISO14001 approved facilities, in accordance with YOKOGAWA's "Guidelines for Designing Products for the Environment", and our "Criteria for Environmental Assessment in Product Design". We have adopted these Guidelines and Standards to help protect the Global Environment, consistent with the focus of the Third Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP3, Kyoto, December 1997).
Yokogawa PZ4000 Features
  • Wide measurement bandwidth (DC, up to 2 MHz).
  • Accurate capturing of input waveforms using high-speed (maximum 5 MS/s) sampling.
  • Voltage and current waveform display and analysis functions to enable power calculations on fluctuating inputs.
  • Harmonic analysis (up to 500th order) and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) functions to enable high-frequency power spectrum analysis.
  • Multiple channel, synchronized measurements using multiple units and Master-Slave trigger function simplifies complex investigations.
  • Environmentally friendly design based on YOKOGAWA's Guidelines for Designing Products for the Environment and Criteria for Environmental Assessment in Product Design.
  • Sensor input module option enables evaluation of motor efficiency and total efficiency including the motor drive.