Yokogawa WT130 Digital Power Meter

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Yokogawa WT130 Digital Power Meter
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Yokogawa WT130 Digital Power Meter Yokogawa WT130 Digital Power Meter
Yokogawa WT130
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WT130 Datasheet
The WT130 can measure DC, and so half-wave rectified signals containing DC components or intermittent signals can be measured without considering the input signals. The ultra-compact case design allows two models to be rack-mounted side by side. And the low weight of just 3 kg. The WT130 makes light work when using the devices in the field. The new large LED display also greatly improves readability.
Yokogawa WT130 Features
  • Fundamental accuracy of 0.25%
  • DC measurement, 10 Hz to 50 kHz frequency band
  • Compact design (half-rack size)
  • Built-in harmonic analysis function (optional)
  • Comparator function (optional) for GO/NO-GO judgment
  • User calibration (by remote communication or manually)
  • Sensor input(optional) for use with external current clamps and shunts