Zygo 1201B Laser Micrometer

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Zygo 1201B Laser Micrometer
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Zygo 1201B
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1201B Datasheet Supplemental Document
The 1201B Laser Bench Gauge is a non-contact gauge that uses a scanning laser beam to measure part size or position quickly and easily with excellent repeatability. A LCD shows either the part's dimension or the measured deviation from a user-selected nominal dimension. The unit tracks the Min and Max dimensions measured. The Statistical Analysis function monitors the number of parts measured, the average dimension, and standard deviation for each batch.
Zygo 1201B Specs
Measurement Range: 0.010 to 2.0 in
Repeatability: ±0.00002 in
Accuracy: ±0.00003 in (Remastered Mode)
±0.00006 in (Absolute Linearity)
Measurement Area Passline: 2.625 in
Measurement Area Depth of Field: ±0.125 x 2.0 in
Laser Beam Spot Size: 0.0008 in
Scanning Beam Thickness
at passline:
0.020 in