ATEC Assurance

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ATEC AssuranceRent with confidence that you will receive quality equipment that operates out-of-the-box, is in good physical condition and can perform the test(s). In addition to lab certified and calibrated equipment, customers also receive experienced technical support capable of answering the highest level of technical questions.

ATEC is more than just equipment. We provide peace of mind that the equipment, options and accessories you rent are the right pieces you need to conduct your test(s). To do this, we implemented the Advanced Test Equipment Rentals 20-point inspection before shipping from our ATEC Headquarters. This 20-point inspection guarantees customer satisfaction and confidence in renting from ATEC.

20-Point Comprehensive Inspection Process:

  1. Equipment and options physically verified to match order
  2. Equipment is shipped with current calibration certificate (when applicable)
  3. Critical Correction Factors supplied with antennas/passive probes (when applicable)
  4. Input power is confirmed for destination to country
  5. Equipment is cleaned to "as new" condition
  6. Instrument is free of cosmetic defects, such as scratches dents and cracks
  7. Previous customer data cleared from memory
  8. Battery is charged, and maintains a charge
  9. Equipment powered on prior to shipment
  10. All factory standard accessories are present
  11. Accessories are neatly wrapped
  12. Interconnect cables/adapters supplied
  13. Inspection labels & tamper-proof seals are present
  14. All screws are present and securely fastened
  15. Motion test for any loose components
  16. All screens, buttons, LEDs are in working condition
  17. Firmware version is up to date
  18. Software version is up to date
  19. Supplied software communicates with equipment, via supplied cabling
  20. Shipped in foam protected box or heavy-duty custom box with shock absorbers

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