How To Operate Advanced Amplifiers and Power Output Demo

How To Operate Advanced Amplifiers and Power Output Demo
Welcome to this week's ATEC Blog. Today we will cover the following subjects:
  • How to operate an Advanced Amplifiers amp
  • Advanced Amplifiers power output demo

Advanced Amplifiers is a global provider of solid-state RF power amplifiers, offering continuous wave and pulse amplifiers with a variety of frequencies and power. The Advanced Amplifiers line of ultra-high linearity amplifiers revolutionizes RF power amplifier design with their unique form factor, high energy efficiency, and simple front panel operation. These state-of-the-art amplifiers are tailored to meet EMC test standards covering a frequency range from 10kHz to 40GHz, up to 200V/m. Advanced Amplifiers amps are also versatile, providing test engineers with an amplifier selection optimized for EMC, RF Communications, Electronic Warfare, and Radar applications.


Advanced Amplifiers Demo: How To Operate Amp


Here we have Gabe Alcala, Business Development Manager at ATEC, going over the basic operation of an Advanced Amplifiers model. Advanced Amplifiers unique touch-screen feature allows users to easily conduct their EMC tests.

Advanced Amplifiers Power Output Demo

Here we have a 20 m to 1 gig 50-watt CW advanced amplifier turned on, we will be outputting 0 dBm from this network analyzer sweeping it from 20 megs to a gig and we will put the output through this characterized and calibrated load. After we will put it back into the network analyzer and will see how much gain it is receiving throughout its entire frequency range. As we can see here, this 50-watt amplifier is making about 89 watts on its lower end and up to 168 watts at its peak at 0 dBm input.