ATEC's Journey from 1981 to 2023

ATEC's Journey from 1981 to 2023
A trusted provider of test & measurement equipment rentals, sales, calibration, and service since 1981, Advanced Test Equipment Corp. (ATEC) has grown from a small business into the US leader in test equipment rentals—a one-stop shop for EMC, Power Electronics, Electrical, Communications, NDT, Environmental, General Purpose, and RF Safety testing.

Test engineers, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies alike rely on ATEC rental agents to guide them to the right equipment for their test, navigate technical challenges and test standards, and deliver equipment on time for deadlines with quick shipping.

ATEC is revolutionizing RF power amplifier design with its own brand, Advanced Amplifiers.

We equip test engineers with the tools to answer the perennial question: does this work?

A question that needs answering more than ever as we enter the renaissance of 5G networks, electric vehicles, and AI.

ATEC’s new logo symbolizes how the company is evolving. Origami inspired our design, and another Japanese tradition inspires us in how we work: kaizen. A Japanese term meaning "change for the better" or "continuous improvement," kaizen is a business philosophy that encourages improvement in everything from small tasks to big company processes. ATEC moved into 2022 with a goal of embodying kaizen in our work, especially in our goal of enhancing the customer experience.

Now more than ever, customers need a trusted partner in test & measurement who isn’t afraid to innovate to improve customer experience, whether it’s by integrating online quote payment, or expanding ISO 17025 scope of accreditation to accommodate more calibrations. ATEC is that partner—and plans to be for many years to come.

Let’s take a look at the journey Jim Berg and the ATEC team took to get here, 40 years later, from a garage to a multi-million dollar company.


1981: Jim Berg Establishes ATEC

Jim Berg, founder and CEO of ATEC, established the company in 1981 out of his garage. His vision of a test equipment rental company that led the industry in customer service, technical expertise, and quick shipping is now a reality.

1984: ATEC Moves to First Full-Scale Facility

ATEC outgrew its humble origins as test engineers began to rely on ATEC for their equipment. The ATEC banner flew at trade shows across the country as Berg and his team worked to establish partnerships with key test engineers and corporations.


1986: A Fire in a Neighboring Building Consumes ATEC

A fire erupted in a building adjacent to ATEC's original headquarters, leaving the team devasted. In the depths of this tragedy, Jim Berg rallied his team and began rebuilding.

1987 - 1993: ATEC Rebuilds


ATEC rebuilt its inventory during this period, eventually surpassing its original success and forging more key partnerships in the industry.

1994: ATEC Moves to Current Headquarters in Sorrento Valley

Now risen from the ashes of 1986, and developing into a powerful force in the test equipment rental industry, ATEC moved into the spacious 46,000 sq. ft. warehouse that it calls its headquarters today.


2013: ATEC's Lab Receives ISO 17025 Accreditation

Growing exponentially, ATEC expanded to operating the full Sorrento Valley warehouse during this period, and the lab received ISO 17025 Accreditation from the A2LA, as well as maintaining NIST standard compliance, ASQ certification for its technicians, and ISO 9001 Certification.

2018: ATEC Launches Advanced Amplifiers

Now the US leader in test equipment rentals and an industry authority in EMC testing, ATEC embarked on a new adventure: developing its own brand of RF power amplifiers. Advanced Amplifiers revolutionize RF amplifier design with their high power density, small size form factor, and broad range of frequency bandwidths and power ratings, complemented by a striking cobalt finish.


2019: ATEC Partners with Narda STS

ATEC partnered with Narda STS, the global leader in RF safety test equipment, in 2019. ATEC serves as the only official North American calibration site for the full spectrum of Narda STS products and is the official sales distribution center for the US and Mexico.

2020: Jamison Berg Becomes Vice President

An engineer who graduated from Cal Poly Pomona and grew up living and breathing advanced test equipment, Jamison Berg climbed the corporate ladder from lab technician, to sales agent, then Director of Sales and Marketing, and now serves as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ATEC. Jamison can be found on any given day developing his vision for the future of ATEC with his management team, talking to customers about key orders, re-organizing the warehouse, calibrating equipment, or even working on SEO strategy and the company's business intelligence platform with the Marketing team.

2022: NEW Logo

Advanced Test Equipment Corp. (ATEC) is proud to present its new logo: an origami-inspired refresh of the classic symbol that Jim Berg, founder and CEO, drew on a restaurant napkin in a flash of inspiration in the 1980s.
A sharper, sleeker, more stylish, and more modern look replaces the standard logo. Notice the shadows that give the impression of folds—each is carefully chosen to give the design depth and dimension. ATEC is changing its fonts as well, with the crisp sans-serif Teko taking the lead, a font that reflects ATEC’s technological sophistication.

ATEC’s original logo can be traced back to the company’s inception, when entrepreneur Jim Berg made his vision for the company into reality.

2023: New Partnerships

ATEC is proud of all our new partners, including Keysight, Emzer, Anritsu, and more. Here are some of our recent highlights: