EMC, or electromagnetic compatibility, is a discipline of electrical engineering focused on both protecting devices from rogue electromagnetic energy and making sure devices don’t emit RF signals by accident. When electromagnetic energy is generated unintentionally, it is referred to as EMI, or electromagnetic interference, a force powerful enough to damage equipment, or cause it to malfunction. In the modern world, nearly all of our technology generates electromagnetic fields, meaning most electrical products needs to be tested for what sort of EMI they will produce and how well they will endure EMI in the field.  

EMC testing is composed of four types of tests: radiated emissions, radiated immunity, conducted emissions and conducted immunity. To fulfill these tests with the certainty that the device under test truly meets industry requirements, engineers rent full compliance EMC test equipment designed to fulfill test standards like IEC-61000-4, CISPR and MIL-STD-461-G. Manufacturers who rely on EMC testing include developers of aerospace and defense, medical, automotive and consumer electronics technology.

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals (ATEC) carries EMC testing devices ranging from RF power amplifiers to ESD guns and EMI receivers. Explore our EMC testing inventory below for more information on each type of test instrument.
  • Conducted Emissions

    Measuring conducted emissions on power lines of a device can be accomplished easily. Advanced Test Equipment Rentals provides all necessary testing...

  • Conducted Immunity

    Transients are electromagnetic disturbances that cause interference in an electrical system. When these occur within electrical components designed...

  • Radiated Emissions

    Measuring radiated emissions from devices is accomplished using a certain set of equipment based on specific applications. Whether looking at near...

  • Radiated Immunity

    Radiated immunity testing simulates a device’s interactions with other electromagnetic fields it may encounter. Cell phones, radios, motors...