PMM 9010F 10 Hz - 18 GHz Real Time Analyzer & EMI Receiver

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The PMM 9010F Real Time EMI Receiver & Analyzer is based on advanced analog to digital conversion and data processing technology that applies the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) frequency spectrum analysis in full compliance with the tests required by the standard CISPR 16-1-1. The PMM 9010F features the same modular construction and compact size along with the low power consumption of the other renowned models of the PMM Digital Receiver Series. The PMM 9010F EMI Receiver is capable of scanning the entire spectrum in less than 25 seconds with a hold time of 1 second. This makes smart detectors and freuqnecy tables unneeded for this product to perform at an efficient level. Even when a high sensitivity is required, the PMM 9010F's internal preamplifier reduces the noise floor to less than -24 dBµV in band A, and -7 dBµV in band B.