UL Standards: UL 864: Control Units and Accessories for Fire Alarm Systems

1.1 These requirements cover discrete electrical control units and accessories for fire alarm systems to be employed in accordance with the following National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standards:

  • NFPA 12, Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing Systems;
  • NFPA 12A, Halon 1301 Fire Extinguishing Systems;
  • NFPA 13, Installation of Sprinkler Systems;
  • NFPA 15, Water Spray Fixed Systems for Fire Protection;
  • NFPA 16, Installation of Foam-Water Sprinkler and Foam-Water Spray Systems;
  • NFPA 17, Dry Chemical Extinguishing Systems;
  • NFPA 17A, Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems;
  • NFPA 70, National Electrical Code;
  • NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm Code;
  • NFPA 92A, Recommended Practice for Smoke-Control Systems;
  • NFPA 92B, Guide for Smoke Management Systems in Malls, Atria, and Large Areas;
  • NFPA 2001, Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems.
1.2 The products covered by this standard are intended to be used in combination with other appliances and devices to form a commercial fire alarm system. These products provide all monitoring, control, and indicating functions of the system. An installation document(s) provided with the product describes the various products needed to form a fire alarm system and their intended use and installation. 1.3 These requirements do not cover manual boxes, automatic fire detectors, automatic transmitters, or other initiating devices; nor do they cover notification appliances not provided as part of the product.

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