AEMC SR752 AC Current Probe

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The SR752 is a general purpose 1000AAC current probe designed for use with DMMs, loggers and other instruments that have voltage inputs. It has a voltage output proportional at the rate of 1mV per amp to the current measured in the jaw of the probe. The SR752 has an integral 5 feet lead terminated by shrouded banana plugs. Low phase shift for power measurement. Designed for DMMs, recorders, loggers, oscilloscopes, power and harmonic meters.

The model SR752 is designed for use in industrial and utility environments. The unique ergonomic design allows it to easily clamp onto cables or small bus bars. It is built to the highest safety and performance standards including the CE Mark and is UL approved for Canada and United States. Excellent transformation and low phase shift, plus a broad frequency response, permit accurate measurements of current for power and power quality measurements. The high quality magnetic cores and uniform windings provide sensitivity for very low level current measurements, as well as measurements up to 1200AAC. The Model SR752 provides an accurate voltage of 1mV/A. This voltage output enables instruments without current ranges to measure, display and log currents through an AC voltage range or measure very low AC.