Aeroflex 3515AR Portable Radio Communications Test Set

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Rent Aeroflex 3515AR Portable Radio Communications Test Set
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Aeroflex (IFR) 3515AR
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3515AR Datasheet
The Aeroflex 3515AR offers the latest in radio front-line testing, long battery life and superior performance. The 3515AR includes spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope and test script language for automating tests, incorporating test instructions, data collection, etc. It offers test scripts for radios and systems, including PRC-117F, PRC-148, fixed-wing and rotary-aircraft, vehicles, and data radios.
Aeroflex (IFR) 3515AR Features
  • Isolate failures in the radio, antenna, or cable in minutes
    • Stand-off tests of tactical radios from 2 MHz to 1 GHz frequency range
    • Isolates failures in nearly any platform’s radio, antenna, or cable
    • Runs tests in minutes without removing or disconnecting the radio
    • Measures high power —20 watts without an external attenuator, up to 200 watts with external attenuator
    • Minimal personnel training
  • Rugged, portable, battery powered
    • Portable—weighs approximately 8 lbs with battery
    • Long-lasting battery—5 hours of operation and recharge in 4 hours
    • Rugged—meets Mil-PRF-28800F for humidity, altitude, shock, and vibration
    • Weatherproof case with operating range of -20° to +50°C
  • Stand-off Tests
    • AM/FM transmitter tests
    • RF power
    • RF frequency error
    • AM modulation/FM deviation
    • Audio frequency counter
    • Receive Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI)
    • AM/FM receiver tests
    • DCS generator
    • Distortion
    • SINAD/sensitivity
    • Antenna/cable tests
    • VSWR
    • Distance to fault
    • Return loss
    • Cable loss
    • Talk Test (using handset and antenna)