Anritsu ML9001A Optical Power Meter

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Anritsu ML9001A Optical Power Meter
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Anritsu ML9001A
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ML9001A Datasheet

The ML9001A is a single channel digital display optical power meter. It ensures accuracy and linearity over a wide wavelength range and greatly improves measurement reliability. It also has an improved basic performance. For example, measurements can be made over the wide level range from -100 to +20 dBm because internal reflection in the power sensors has been suppressed. The ML9001A also has many new functions that make it easier to use than other power meters. It can be used for all optical power measurements such as optical fiber loss measurement and optical device performance evaluation.

Anritsu ML9001A Features
  • Enables high-accuracy measurement
  • One power sensor for repeater maintenance and long-distance fiber loss measurement
  • Interchangeable optical connectors
  • Reduced measurement time
Anritsu ML9001A Specs
Display 4 digit, W, W(REL), dBm, dB(REL) selectable
Calibration coefficient Adjustable
Recorder output 1 V/full-scale, linear output
Range select Manual selection and automatic ranging
Measurement mode Continuous and modulated light
Wavelength sensitivity correction Automatic correction in 1 nm steps
Data memory Max. 1000 data via GPIB
Dimensions and mass 213 (W) x 88 (H) x 250 (D) mm, =4 kg
Optical Connector Options
21 D4
23*1 Amphenol 906 type
34 DIAMOND (ΓΈ 3.5)
35*1 HP-SMA, Amphenol 905 type
36 Amphenol 905 type
38 ST
39 DIN
40 SC
41*2 TOCP172
43 HMS-10/A
45 FC
*1: If adapter mounted on MA9412A/9612A, repeatability may be reduced.
*2: For MA9411A