Wiltron / Anritsu SiteMaster S235A Network Analyzer

Wiltron / Anritsu SiteMaster S235A Network Analyzer
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Anritsu SiteMaster S235A
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The Anritsu S235A has been replaced by the Anritsu S331E.
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Wiltron / Anritsu SiteMaster S235A Network Analyzer is the instrument of choice for transmission line/antenna installation and maintenance. It is the best way to reduce maintenance expenses and improve quality. It replaces stacks of heavy, expensive, and complex test equipment. Site Master's frequency domain reflectometry technique allows it to find problems before they become catastrophic faults, thereby creating a huge cost savings.



  • Accurate return loss/SWR measurements
  • Accurately tests RF transmission lines and antennas
  • Immunity to live site RF interference
  • Distance-to-fault windowing functions
  • Insertion Loss/Gain
  • Optional wattmeter
  • Synthesizer accurate to 75 ppm
  • Internal memory saves up to 70 traces
  • Direct printing via RS-232 serial port
  • Remote operation via RS-232 serial port
  • Range - 1250 MHz to 2350 MHz