B&W LPD-D4000 Particle Impact Noise Detector

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The B&W LPD-D4000 Particle Impact Noise Detector is a nondestructive, fully programmable test system designed to identify unwanted particles within the device under test. The LPD-D4000 exposes the DUT to physical stimulus of shock and vibration which can result in noise being generated by unwanted particles impacting the unit. Any interference is digitally recorded for further analysis. The LPD-D4000 is capable of generating unlimited custom or predefined test setups which allow fast and easy results. 

  • Type: Digital dual multiplezed.
  • Shock sequence: Programmable 16 positions, 1-4 shocks each.
  • Test duration: Programmable 16 positions.
  • Auto restart: Programmable 9 positions.
  • System clock: Adjustable 0.25Hz to 4Hz.