Spectral Dynamics SD Felix 4540M4 PIND System

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The Spectral Dynamics SD Felix 4540M4 PIND System is a particle impact noise detector that tests for particles, using reliable internal electronic components such as relays, transistors, hybrids, integrated circuits, and switch particles. The SD Felix monitors shaker motion with feedback control to correct for changes that happen in test conditions by combining sensors like ultrasonic (155kHz). The Spectral Dynamics SD Felix uses computer technology that controls motion and allows technicians to program shock and vibration at precise levels to simulate a whole range of testing needs. The Spectral SD Felix uses four unique channels thast use the same clock to digitize the data at 2.5MSamples per second and to collect data. The SD Felix’s four unique channels include a high-speed acoustic channel, vibration channel, shock channel, and digital output channel. The SD Felix has unique features that are great for testing electronic components for cardiac pacemakers, spacecraft, or undersea cables.