Binder VD/VDL Vacuum Drying Chambers Series

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The Binder VD/VDL Series of vacuum drying chambers ensures maximum safety when drying organic solvents standard with TÜV/GS. Binder VD/VDL chambers combine effective drying with a sophisticated safety concept. Drying is taken care of quickly and without residues, scaling, or oxidation. As well as boasting high levels of safety, Binder VDL Vacuum Drying Chambers impress with their quick-drying process. Heat is transferred to the sample directly using heat conductor plates. The patented APT.line preheating chamber technology makes sure that sample drying is homogeneous across the entire usable space. 

Binder VD/VDL chambers cover a temperature range of 15 °C and 200 °C. Quick, gentle, and free from condensation, drying takes place on aluminum expansion racks that can be flexibly adjusted. Alongside a quick drying process and high levels of reliability, the VDL vacuum drying chambers are also quick and easy to clean thanks to the smooth inner chamber with rounded corners, the stainless-steel interior coating, and the removable racks.

The Binder VD/VDL Vacuum Drying Chambers Series includes the following models: VD 23, VDL 23, VD 53, VDL 53, and VDL 115.