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The EMSCAN EHX EMC Scanner is a signal integrity analysis device which equips technicians to analyze EMC and EMI issues over a frequency range of 150 kHz to 8 GHz by utilizing an antenna array of 1,218 (42 x 29) H-field probes. EMSCAN EHX devices measure real time emissions, providing both pre and post EMC compliance testing imaging. Design engineers rent these units to find, characterize and address unintended radiators and RF leakage during a new PCB development process.

EMSCAN EHX scanners pinpoint the cause of design failures in less than a second, allowing users to personally test their system's design without need for reliance on other staff, engineers or off-site testing. Engineers, after diagnosing faults, can implement a design change and retest to ensure compliance with essential testing standards. EMSCAN scanners reduce testing time by greater than two orders of magnitude and have even been shown to reduce design cycle time by up to 50%.