Fluke DSP-FTA Fiber Test Adapter Series

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This product has been discontinued.

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Certify fiber optic cable and document results:

As you encounter more and more fiber optic cable installations, you need to test and certify fiber in addition to copper cabling. Extend the power of Fluke's latest cable tester, the DSP-4000, to achieve high performance fiber testing. Simply attach the FTA-410S Fiber Test Adapter, and you are on your way to fast, efficient fiber optic cable testing.

Save time installing and testing fiber:

The FTA-410S Fiber lbster tests two fibers simultaneously, reducing the time required for certification. Additionally, you can test both fibers in both directions and automatically save the bi-directional results in the same record. No longer do you have to test from one end of the fiber and rim to the other end to re-test. Bad connections, bad splices, broken fibers and power loss are easy to detect.

Another time-saving aspect of the Fluke FTA-410S is the FindFiber feature which enables users at both ends to quickly check for and locate a signal from the other end. Valuable time searching for proper end-toend connections is conserved. Making you even more efficient is the Fiber Adapter's ability to automatically test both 850 nm and 1300 nm multimode wavelengths. No longer do you have to take time to control and switch between wavelengths.

By combining Fluke's DSP-4000 and the FTA410S Fiber Test Adapter, you can take advantage of highly automated dual-fiber testing to expedite your fiber installation and certification jobs.