Fluke CFP-100-Q CertiFiber Pro Optical Loss Test Set

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The Fluke CFP-100-Q CertiFiber Pro Optical Loss Test Set performs fiber certification at the industry-leading speed of two fibers at two wavelengths in less than three seconds. The Fluke CFP-100-Q has an operating temperature of 0°F to 113°F (-18°C to 45°C) and an operating relative humidity of 0% to 90% at 32°F to 95°F (0°C to 35°C) and 0% to 70% at 95°F to 113°F (35°C to 45°C). This user-friendly Fluke fiber certifier uses the ProjX management system and the LinkWare management software.
The Fluke CFP-100-Q solves fiber certification challenges, generating easy-to-understand test reports and meeting test standards IEC 14763-3, ANSI/TIA, ISO/IEC, and IEC 61300-3-35. Fluke CertiFiber Pro OLTS instruments are the Tier 1 fiber certification testing solution in Fluke’s Versiv cable certification family. The CertiFiber Pro can also pair with the OptiFiber Pro OTDR to perform Tier 2 fiber tests.