Fluke OptiFiber OF-500 OTDR Fiber Optics Tester

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The Fluke OptiFiber OF-500 integrates power/loss, fiber length measurement, OTDR analysis and fiber connector end-face imaging to provide a higher tier of fiber certification and diagnostics. The companion LinkWare PC software documents, reports and manages all test data.


The OF-500 enables network owners of all experience levels to certify fiber to customer specifications and new industry standards, troubleshoot connection-rich links, and thoroughly document results. It will improve the health of your fiber network.  Your fiber cabling will be ready and capable to perform for high-bandwidth applications.
  • OF-500-01 OptiFiber Multimode OTDR
  • OF-500-02 OptiFiber Advanced Multimode OTDR
  • OF-500-03 OptiFiber Singlemode OTDR
  • OF-500-10 OptiFiber Multimode Certifying OTDR
  • OF-500-15 OptiFiber Smart Remote Multimode Certifying OTDR
  • OF-500-35 OptiFiber Multimode/Singlemode OTDR
  • OF-500-45 OptiFiber Multimode/Singlemode Certifying OTDR inspection camera
  • OF-500-50 DTX/OptiFiber Combo Kit