Fluke i5s AC Current Clamp

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Fluke i5s AC Current Clamp
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Fluke i5s

This oscilloscope probe is an accessory and is only available to rent with an oscilloscope.

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The i5s is compatible with any instrument that can accept a standard BNC connector and is capable of ac millivolt measurements; the Current Clamp can also be used with digital multimeters using a BNC-to-dual banana plug adapter. The Current Clamp produces an output of 400 mV ac per 1 A ac input level
Fluke i5s Specs
Reference Conditions: 23 ± 5 °C, 20 to 75% RH; conductor centered in jaw opening; no DC component; no adjacent conductor.
Measurement Range: 10 mA to 6 A
Output: 400 mV/A
Accuracy (48 Hz to 65 Hz): 10 mA to 1 A 1% + 5 mA; 1 A to 5 A 1%
Phase Shift (48 Hz to 65 Hz): 10 mA to 100 mA Unspecified; 100 mA to 5 A 4°
Crest Factor: ≤ 3, add 0.7 % to accuracy
Typical Bandwidth: 40 Hz to 5 kHz
Working Voltage: 600 V ac rms, in compliance with EN61010
Common Mode Voltage: 600 V ac rms from earth ground, in compliance with EN61010
Input Load Impedance (of host instrument): >1 M Ω in parallel with up to 47 pF
Maximum Non-destructive Current: 70 A
Duty Cycle: 0.01 A to 6 A continuous
Influence of Adjacent Conductor: ≤ 15 mA/A (@ 50/60 Hz)