Fujikura FSM-30R12 Ribbon Fusion Splicer

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Rent Fujikura FSM-30R12 Ribbon Fusion Splicer
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Fujikura (AFL Telecommunications) FSM-30R12
FSM-30R12 Datasheet
The Fujikura FSM-30R12 has been replaced by the Fujikura FSM-70R.

View the FSM-70R

The Fujikura FSM-30R12 Ribbon Fusion Splicer mass fusion technology in an extremely small and lightweight mini-splicer. This splicer has the capability to splice single fibers as well as ribbons up to 12 fibers. A wind protection hood, ambient condition sensors, and slide-in modular powering units provide unprecedented mass fusion splicing in remote and outdoor splicing locations. The FSM-30R12 offers a quick 30-second splicing time.
Fujikura (AFL Telecommunications) FSM-30R12 Features
  • Wind protector design withstands 30 mph cross wind
  • Built-in programmable tube heater
  • Slide-in power modules include AC adapter, battery or camcorder battery adapter
  • Automatically adjusts fusion arc to compensate for differences in atmospheric pressure or altitude
  • Large image magnification on low-glare 5" color LCD monitor provides great fiber visibility