Haefely ECOMPACT4 Compact Transient Immunity Tester

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This product has been discontinued.

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The Haefely ECOMPACT4 Compact Transient Immunity Tester is a ultra-compact immunity tester that performs all the most commonly used transient immunity tests, including Surge, EFT, Dips/Interrupts and AC/Surge Magnetic Field. The simplified user interface on the ECOMPACT provides quick selection of tests and test levels, and even lets you change test parameters "on the fly" while running a test. The included "EMV-Check" software is compatible with all latest windows versions, and allows full automation of the test routine as well as data gathering and test report generation.

Whether you test to the IEC 61000 series "CE Mark" standards, the IEC 60601 Medical Device standards, or any number of telecom and product specific standards, the Haefely ECOMPACT4 tester is your one stop test station for everything from precompliance to full compliance to product development testing. Use it as a stand-alone tester, or in conjunction with Haefely's premium arsenal of specialty EMC immunity equipment.