Haefely AXOS5 Compact Immunity Test System

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The Haefely AXOS5 Compact Immunity Test System is designed to generate EFT/burst. The unit features a built-in CDN with 264V / 16 Amps AC and 220V / 10 Amps DC. The AXOS5 is easy to use and equipped with additional functionalities, such as generating surge combination waves, voltage dips and interrupts, a pulsed magnetic field, ring waves, and telecom waveforms. The AXOS5 Tester is in compliance with IEC/EN standards, meeting most testing requirements. 

The Haefely AXOS5 Compact Immunity Test System offers an integrated, single-phase CDN ideal for EMC test applications. A simple. With a sleek user interface that allows pre-defined test options for specific standards, technicians can navigable either from the test system’s touchscreen display or a personal computer. Haefely's test generation software automatically creates a test report that includes the setup, parameters, and results.