Haefely AXOS5 Transient Generator

The new Haefely AXOS5 transient generator, successor of the popular Haefely eCompact4, integrates all of the best features of our stand alone test systems into one single economic solution. It combines 5 kV Burst/EFT, Surge combination wave, AC/DC Dips & Interrupts, along with an integrated single-phase coupling / decoupling network into one compact test system. This allows quick and completely automated testing to the most common IEC, EN, ANSI, IEEE and UL standards including IEC 61000-4-29.

The Haefely AXOS5 can either be operated via front panel by large color graphic interface or remotely from the PC. The easy to use menu together with the availability of predefined test routines for different standards makes testing easy and reliable, even for less frequently users.

FP-COMB 32   3-Phase / 32 A Power Line CDN Surge & EFT
FP-EFT 100 M2   3-Phase / 100 A Power Line CDN EFT
IP4A   Capacitive coupling clamp for EFT
FP-SURGE 100 M2   3-Phase / 100 A Power Line CDN SURGE
PCD 121   Symmetrical Data & Control Line Coupler
PCD 126 A   Asymmetrical Data & Control Line Coupler
DEC 5   Symmetrical Data & Control Line Decoupler
DEC 6   Symmetrical Data & Control Line Decoupler
DEC 7   Asymmetrical Data & Control Line Decoupler
DIP 116   Automatic Dips Transformer 16 A 40/70/80%
MSURGE   Magnetic Field Test IEC / EN 61000-4-9
VTM 15000   Isolation Test 1.2/50 us up to 10 kV
PDP 8000   HV differential Probe 1000:1 for Surge
CP 101   Current Probe Model for Surge
ES   External emergency stop Switch P12
WL   External warning Lamp P12
WinFEAT’R   Control, Measurement & Reporting Software
Calibration   Accredited Calibration AXOS5