Haefely PCD 100 Single Phase CDN for PSURGE 8000 Platform

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Haefely PCD 100 Single Phase CDN
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Haefely  PCD 100
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PCD 100 Datasheet
The Haefely PCD 100 Single Phase Coupling / Decoupling Network for PSURGE 8000 Platform covers IEC and EN standards testing single phase AC mains and DC power ports. They include recommendations for coupling and decoupling characteristics. These recommendations are based on the European model for ac power lines.

The Haefely PCD 100 CDN fulfills also the recently approved IEC 61000-4-5 Edition 2. The ANSI standards contain much the same information as the IEC but based around the American experience with AC power lines.
Haefely PCD 100 Features
  • Two high voltage inputs
  • Combination wave 1.2/50us - 8/20us
  • Ring wave 100kHz
  • 7.5kV impulse voltage
  • Line voltage 240V
  • 16A EUT current
  • Overcurrent protection
Haefely PCD 100 Specs
  • Maximum impulse voltage: 7.5kV
  • Maximum AC voltage: 240VRMS
  • Maximum DC voltage: 110V
  • Maximum AC and DC current: 16A
  • EUT connection: Schuko socket
  • Coupling elements and paths: controlled by the PSURGE 8000
  • Voltage drop due to the decoupling inductors: ≤10% with max. current and cos φ ≥0.7
  • Residual voltage at Test supply input: max.15% of the applied impulse voltage
Haefely PCD 100 Applications
  • Single phase power line systems
  • Surge tests with combination wave 1.2/50us - 8/20us and ring wave 100kHz