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The IDEAL LanTEK 7 has been replaced by the IDEAL LanTEK III.

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The Ideal LANTEK 7 LAN Cable Certifier is the first LAN cable tester capable of certifying installations up to 750 MHz, exceeding draft Category 7/ISO F specifications. Certifying these installations has required a combination of cable testers and network analyzers. Now you can certify these systems up to 750 MHz simplifying the task while reducing costs. LANTEK 7 utilizes an advanced link adapter method to reduce cost of ownership. LANTEK 7 comes with a pair of Category 7/ ISO F channel adapters. These channel adapters fit into the case of the unit and are locked in place. This creates a stable and repeatable testing platform while eliminating bulky adapters extending beyond the end of the unit. By simply plugging in a Category 7/ ISO F reference patch cord to the channel adapter, you can now perform Category 7/ISO F permanent link testing. Should the plug ever wear out the patch cord is replaced rather than the entire assembly reducing lifetime cost of ownership.