IFI EFG-3 E-Field Generating Antenna 1000 Watts

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The IFI EFG-3 E-Field Generating Antenna 1000 Watts is designed to generate strong electric field intensities within its vicinity for use in radiated susceptibility testing systems. The EFG-3 provides a means for dissipating any unused power through the use of a conventional coaxial 50 ohm termination of appropriate power handling capability. This allows the EFG-3 to handle up to 1000 watts of continuous power. The EFG-3 is able to perform in such an efficient manner due to its physical configuration as a radiating transmission line. Highly efficient and conservatively rated broadband transformers are used for impedance matching. This unique matching configuration allows the best possible power to field conversion efficiency by stepping the source voltage to twice the input value.