Keysight 3499A 5-Slot Switch Control Mainframe

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Ideal for mid-sized systems, the Keysight 3499A 5-Slot Switch/Control Mainframe can accommodate up to five plug-in modules, routing up to 200 channels in a test system. With various switch modules, it can scan at rates up to 350 channels per second, or open/close 200 channels in less than 0.1 second. The 3499A is compact, requiring only 2U height in a full rack width mainframe unit.

The Keysight 3499A 5-Slot Switch/Control Mainframe has a concise user interface that is extremely useful for manual operation on the manufacturing floor or in desktop applications. High-performance switching modules, multi-function modules, built-in relay cycle counters and easy interconnections all contribute to provide a switching solution you can trust.