6015A 1050 Watt DC System Power Supply

6015A 1050W DC System Power Supply
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Keysight 6015A
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Manual Datasheet Specifications
The 6015A 1050 Watt DC System Power Supply is a single-output power supply that can replace multiple units, saving rack space and reducing system cost and complexity.
Keysight 6015A Features
  • Autoranging outputs provide maximum power at a variety of operating points
  • Overvoltage features protect DUTs quickly and automatically
  • Auto-parallel or auto-series connections enable greater output flexibility
  • Ten-turn pots for precise local control
Keysight 6015A Specs
Voltage 500V
Current 5A
Max Power 1050W
Size W x H x D (mm) W=426, H=133, D=427