Keysight 86100D Wide Bandwidth Oscilloscope

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The Keysight 86100D Wide Bandwidth Oscilloscope is a powerful machine that provides precise measurements for wideband devices. The 86100D oscilloscope has a bandwidth over 100 GHz, performing accurate analysis on high-speed instruments ranging from 50 Mb/s to over 80 Gb/s. The instrument offers a customizable user-interface and testing for up to 16 channels at once for an easy-to-use experience.

Using a jitter mode, the wideband oscilloscope also collects measurements with noise at 250 µV and 100 fs RMS. The Keysight 86100D oscilloscope proves even more versatile thanks to 3 other modes that it offers: scope mode, eye/mask mode, and TDR/TDT mode. With these features, the mainframe can perform better waveform characterization, eye diagram analysis, and S-Parameter measurements.