Tektronix DSA8300 Digital Serial Analyzer Sampling Oscilloscope

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The Tektronix DSA8300 Digital Serial Analyzer Sampling Oscilloscope is the most versatile tool for developing and testing communications, computers, and consumer electronics which use multi-gigabit data transmission. It is used for optical and electrical transmitter characterization, as well as compliance verification for devices, modules, and systems used in these products.

In addition, the DSA8300 is well-suited for electrical signal path characterization, whether for packages, PCBs, or electrical cables. With exceptional bandwidth, signal fidelity, and the most extensible modular architecture, the DSA8300 provides the highest-performance TDR and interconnect analysis, most accurate analysis of signal impairments, and BER calculations for current and emerging serial data technology.

Finally, with its exceptional signal fidelity and resolution, the DSA8300 is the gold standard for electrical and optical applications which require ultrahigh bandwidths, very fine vertical resolution, low jitter, and/or exceptional time interval accuracy.

The DSA8300 provides unmatched measurement system fidelity with the lowest native instrument jitter floor (425 fs RMS, typical for serial data signals at rates >1.25 Gb/s) that ensures the most accurate acquisition of up to 8 high-bandwidth signals simultaneously. You get additional analysis benefits from acquisition jitter as low as 100 fs RMS when using the
82A04B Phase Reference module.

The multiprocessor architecture, with dedicated per-slot digital signal processors (DSPs), provides fast waveform acquisition rates, reducing the test times necessary for reliable characterization and compliance verification.