Keysight 86142A Lightwave Optical Spectrum Analyzer

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Keysight 86142A
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The benchtop Keysight 86142A analyzer is a top of the range high performance unit ideally suited for critical WDM and EDFA applications where wavelength accuracy, dynamic range and low polarization dependency are essential. In the 86142A unit, many of the OSA high performance parameters have been optimized to simultaneously cover the WDM C (conventional) and L (long) wavelength bands (1530 nm to 1600 nm). This extended WDM wavelength range also makes these OSAs ideal for testing WDM passive components (filters, multiplexors and Bragg Gratings), characterizing DWDM transmitter lasers and analyzing DWDM multi-channel system performance.

Option 006: Wavelength Calibrator
Keysight 86142A Features
  • Wavelength Range: 600 nm to 1700 nm
  • Span Range: 0.2 nm to full range and zero span 
  • Accuracy: ±0.5 nm (absolute)
  • Resolution Bandwidth: 0.06, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1 2, 5, 10 nm
  • Maximum Sweep Rate: 50 ms
  • Remote control compatibility with IEEE-488
  • Interfaces: HP-IB, parallel printer port, external VGA monitor, keyboard (PS/2) and mouse.
  • Graphics Export: CGM, TIF